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  1. ass

    Grey, no encouraging the specially undetermined wombats.
  2. ass

    Aye, descending into a larger form of incompetence, well done there Bray. Honestly some great development put into... Whatever the hell I just read.
  3. Hello, I am BluGapplez. I am commonly called Blu, you may call me this if you like. I used to be a former Administrator on the Old Kaoscraft before Kaoscraft Reborn. I now build structures in my town NewRepublic and assist people however I can to my best ability, no longer being an Administrator, it's in my nature. I am the King of Tanzira, hoping to have the nation rise to become an Empire, currently a Federation. Thank you for reading this introduction, and I say Hello to all!
  4. In Game Name: BluGapplez Screenshot / Video: Description: When I am attempting to enchant a tool as associated with my Donator rank (Master) the list of enchantments do not show up. Server: Towny Minecraft Verison: 1.11.2
  5. The Nation of Tanzira King of Tanzira: BluGapplez Queen of Tanzira: N/A Capital of Tanzira: NewRepublic The King's Favored Town: Barristone_IV (Mayor: GreyPilgrim228) Allies: Noxia and Guardian_Circle Anthem: C.P.E. Bach: March Looking for a nation to join on Towny? Just can't seem to find a great start? Join Tanzira! The Nation to excel towards the Stars! We love our towns and are amazed by the progress and potential! Yours could be the next to rise up to the stars in the Nation of Tanzira! - Financial Support Applications - Military Support Service (Hiring) - Open to all towns in compliance with Server Rules! - Embassies free of charge to town mayors! Post approved by the King of Tanzira.
  6. In Game Name: BluGapplez Screenshot / Video: Photo of a Unique key received while in creative. Description: Is there anyway to resolve the issue with keys appearing in creative? To my knowledge I am unaware to when they appear, therefore they appear when I am in creative and nearly prove to be unusable. It is still usable for the crates yet a risk will have to be taken as Item Rewards are included in the Unique Crate and creative is limited for Masters. Server: Towny Minecraft Verison: 1.11.2
  7. In Game Name: BluGapplez Screenshot / Video: Description: I cannot destroy blocks placed after removing an armor stand, this appears to be involved with "KaosFrame" as shown above. Server: Townny Minecraft Verison: 1.11.2
  8. In Game Name: BluGapplez What the issue you are having with your account?: Hello, I have recently revisited the new KaosCraft and wish to regain my old donator rank (Or equivalent) back if possible from the old Kaos. As shown below I had donated for Overlord, the most recent purchase from myself dated back to January 15th of 2016. Evidence: