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  1. So i got bran to download the game expecting an easy levelling experience and getting mad loot from raids but i really should of know better than that considering this is bran we are talking about. Since I am nice I decided to tutor bran on his way through the game and I swear down it was more difficult than training a shark to clap but so you don't end up like bran here is a beginners guide to the game that will tell you everything you need to know but if that still isn't enough then feel free to ask me and ill help you out. http://dulfy.net/2016/11/03/revelation-online-new-player-guide/ Also for only £2 a month you can help a Bran grow and learn, Connor
  2. Recently me and some other staff members have been playing a newly released MMO called revelation online. Revelation was originally a Chinese MMO that has now been brought to the EU and NA and is completely free 2 play. I played both the Chinese and Alpha and Beta versions of Revelation Online and after many hours put into the released game we have decided to start up a KaosHub guild for the Kaos members and any other players we may meet in game. The game does have some issues that may put people of such as the fact that the game isn't fully localised in English yet but the dev team are putting out regular updates to address these issues. I understand that not everyone will enjoy the game as much as we have but we still urge you to download it and give it a try since its free 2 play and who doesnt want the chance to destroy Brandon at pvp (trust me it will be easy). Ill hopefully see you in game soon. Connor
  3. Not looked into it at all but just by looking at what is here does anyone else thing this "advancement" stuff is confusing as fuck?
  4. Happy 4/20 xD

  5. ass

    Did you go to school for a week just so you could tell us that? Well done BrayBray you are getting better.
  6. In Game Name: Connor_Hazlett Screenshot / Video: Description: Give mods kick and temp-ban Make grey staff on the forum so he view builder apps Give grey permission to bypass towny protection so he can help people with builds Server: towny Minecraft Verison: 1.11.2
  7. Voting will be back up once advertisement for the server starts which is ultimately up to Brandon but I believe we are quite close to that stage so hopefully the voting system will be back up soon.
  8. Hello there my name is Connor sometimes known to people as Connie. I first joined KaosCraft around 2 or 3 years ago holding the position of Admin before taking a break and coming back now as a Moderator meaning most of you will already know me and probably wish you didn't. I am 17 years old and live in Glasgow, Scotland. I am just about to start University after my exams later this year and also have a part-time job as a waiter. Considering the fact that I'm Scottish it wont come as a shock to know that I like to drink a lot and party all the time. Apart from drinking and making a complete arse of myself I also like normal things as well in which nothing comes to mind so maybe I'm just lying to myself. But in all honesty if you don't know me don't be afraid to introduce yourself because 9 out of 10 times I don't bite.
  9. A little late to the party but my favourite game off all time has to be any of the Final Fantasy series (mainly 7 and 10) or Xenoblade Chronicles.