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  1. Might want to add a link.
  2. 1) We are not in 1.11, we are in 1.11.2. 2) Voting is currently disabled. 3) We don't have a Survival server. Perhaps the wrong website to report that bug?
  3. ass

    I'm proud that you can type for so long without your brain shutting off. You're developing, Bray.
  4. Your previous rank was Supreme according to our logs, which is the second highest rank currently. Your rank will be restored once an Administrator will be online to sort it out for you. Welcome back. -RANK HAS BEEN RESTORED-
  5. According to the evidence you provided and our database's confirmation. You will be granted your old rank once an Administrator will be available. Welcome back.
  6. You receive the money once you donate. You did not receive the money automatically because you were promoted manually to the rank, thus you will not be granted the money. If you're still interested in buying in-game money, I believe Bran should add money packs to the Towny server. (Bran let's start doing what I suggested so we will not encounter such issues.)
  7. This beauty.