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  1. In the words of the late great show Bo Selector's Avid Merian, "That was unbe-fucking-lievable!!!!!!" Well that soundly kicks the old 'private signs' arse that we used to have doesn't it. Is there any way to get it to work for things like hoppers/droppers, or would that still have to be /cremove ?
  2. oh ye blacky, thanks for that. How many optometrists does it take to screw in a light bulb? One,........or..... two........one.......or two ba dum cha!
  3. ass

    #WombatLivesMatter Don't be so cruel blu, you scum cis gendered wombat hating intolerance filled shitlord you!
  4. "There is no greater glory than a lifetime of dutiful service!"

  5. I think it's a nice feature, better to introduce changes gradually than all in one go, otherwise it means everyone gets locked out of the server till they update too.
  6. Step not from the path of the Emperor!

  7. No man died in His service that died in vain!

  8. Thought for the day:

    "Success is measured in blood; yours or your enemies."

  9. Thought for the day:

    "An open mind is like a fortress with it's gates unbarred and unguarded."

  10. ass

    Hail, the victorious Wombat!
  11. Thought for the day:

    "A mind without purpose will wander in dark places."

  12. Thought for the day:

    "The man who has nothing, can still have faith."

  13. Thought for the day:

    Foolish are those who claim to know everything, yet fear nothing.

  14. Thought for the day:

    "Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none."

  15. Thought for the day:

    "The difference between heresy and treachery is ignorance!"