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  2. ass

    I sexually identify as a warm blooded wombat in the mid-summer heat of Australia's coldest winter.
  3. Well then i just learned about the town chest thing. Kewl
  4. I can see factions/Prison being the next one seeing as how we don't really need a Hide & Seek just yet as we want to have a wider range of gameplay, and then focus on the fun/minigames Just my idea of how we should progress.
  5. It looks so ugly with your texture pack, o that's right you don't use one....
  6. Leg of Leg &'s
  7. updated

    Here is a full list of all the runes available on our server.(Let me know if i got everything) Different runes can be enchanted on different items such as, runes for armor, tools, & weapons. The Maximum level may be different than on the server, if you use a rune with a higher level than stated below it might not work. Special Stones: Rune of Protection Prevents an item from getting destroyed from unsuccessful enchantment. Max Uses: 1 Cursed Stone Takes off a random enchantment from an item and gives you the rune Max Uses: Unlimited Magical Rune Gives an extra slot to an item Max Uses: (15 Slots on any Item) Magic Dust Increases the success rate and decreases the destroy rate by a random %. Max Uses: Unlimited Sword Enchants: Lifesteal Sword Enchant When attacking another player you have a chance of gaining some of your health back Maximum level: III Assassin Sword Enchant Has a chance of inflicting a poison effect on your victim Maximum level: III Kill Confirm Sword Enchant A chance of your victim dropping their head on death Maximum level: III Hex Sword Enchant A chance of inflicting blindness on your victim Maximum level: III Riftslayer Sword Enchant You deal up to 3x more damage to mobs. Maximum level: I Demon Siphon Sword Enchant You have chance to get large amount of life steal from mobs. Maximum level: III Angry Birds Sword Enchant A chance to launch an enemy into the air Maximum level: V Thor's Hammer Sword Enchant A very small chance to instantly break the weapon your enemy is holding Maximum Level: I Axe Enchants: Battlecry Axe Enchant Chance to remove negative effects from yourself while you fight. Maximum level: III Corruption Axe Enchant Has a chance to give weakness effect to enemy. Maximum level: V Turmoil Axe Enchant Has a chance to give enemies a nausea potion effect. Maximum level: III Holy Smite Axe Enchant A chance to call down a bolt of lightning, removing any positive buffs the enemy has. Maximum level: V Petrify Axe Enchant Has a chance to give slowness effect to your enemy. Maximum level: III Rekt Axe Enchant You deal 2x damage to mobs. Maximum Level: I Lumberjack Axe Enchant Chops the entire tree in one click Maximum Level: I Weapon Enchants: Applies to both swords & axes Curse Weapon Enchant Upon hitting a target they will receive the wither effect. Maximum level: IV Crushing Weapon Enchant A chance to deal up to 2x damage. Maximum level: V Execute Weapon Enchant More critical hits and a higher chance to deal 2x damage whilst sneaking. Maximum level: V Purge Weapon Enchant A chance to call down a strike of lightning upon your enemy, removing all positive potion effects they have and damages them. Maximum level: IV Divine Weapon Enchant A chance to heal you relative to the damage you inflict upon your enemy without taking their health. Maximum level: III Plunder Weapons More exp from entities. Maximum level: I Mischief Weapons Inflicts nausea to your opponent. Maximum level: III Disarm Weapon Enchant Chance to drop the item in his hand. Maximum Level: III Thief Weapon Enchant Chance to steal some % of the money from your opponent. Maximum Level: III Reborn Weapon Enchant When you kill a player, you will get Absorption and Regeneration potion effect for limited time. Maximum Level: III Web Trap Weapon Enchant You have a chance of spawning cob web at your opponent's location for few seconds. Maximum Level: III Reversal Weapon Enchant You have chance to reverse the damage towards your opponent who damaged you. Maximum Level: III Bow Enchants: Zeus Bow Enchant Has a chance to summon lightning on your victim Maximum level: III Arrow Rain Bow Enchant Spawns a barrage of arrows in the air after you hit a player with an arrow. Maximum level: V Snare Bow Enchant When hitting a player with an arrow they will receive a slowness effect. Maximum level: IV Entangle Bow Enchant A chance to add slowness effect your target. Maximum level: IV Medic Bow Enchant When you shoot arrow on anyone with this bow, it will heal them. (This won't work if you shoot on yourself) Maximum Level: I Tnt Shooter : Bow Enchant You shoot Tnt instead of arrow. (It won't damage to protected area by any world protection plugins.) Maximum Level: I Wild Mark Bow Enchant Doubles the damage of arrows. Maximum Level: I Death Hammer: Doesn't work currently Bow Enchant Spawns a rain of TNT over the target Maximum Level: V Helmet Enchants: Bat Vision Helmet Enchant Gives you infinite night vision Maximum level: I Swimmer Helmet Enchant Gives you infinite water breathing. Maximum Level: III Farmer Helmet Enchant Instantly replaces crops after destroyed Maximum Level: III Chestplate Enchants: Health Boost Chestplate Enchant Gives infinite health boost. Maximum Level: III Molten Chestplate Enchant Infinite Fire Resistance. Maximum Level: I Immolation Chestplate Enchant You have chance to set nearby players on fire for a set duration. Maximum Level: V Strength Chestplate Enchant Gives infinite Strength. Dependent on Rune Level. Strength 1, 2, or 3. Maximum Level: III Reinforced Chestplate Enchant When you wear this chestplate on low HP, you get damage resistance. Maximum Level: V Suicide Chestplate Enchant Creates a explosion when wearer dies Maximum Level: I Batman: Against players Chestplate Enchant Chance to summon bats on your enemy Maximum Level: III Necromancer: Against players Chestplate Enchant Chance to summon zombies to fight alongside you Maximum Level: V Boots Enchants: Jump Boot Enchant Gives you infinite jump boost. Dependent on Rune Level. Jump 1, 2, or 3. Maximum level: III Speed Boot Enchant Gives you infinite speed boost. Dependent on Rune Level. Speed 1, 2, or 3. Maximum level: III Armour Enchants: Applies to Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, & Boots Demonic Aura Armour Enchant Has a chance of giving the wither effect to your attacker Maximum level: V Dodge Armour Enchant Chance of evading damage (regardless of cause) Maximum level: V Blessed Armour Enchant Restores the wearers health and hunger while walking / running Maximum level: III Stealth Armour Enchant When you sneak, nearby enemies aiming near you have a chance to get blindness. Maximum level: IV Aegis Armour Enchant When blocking with a sword, there is a chance for you to regain health for a percentage of the damage received. Maximum level: V Platemail Armour Enchant You gain damage resistance, along with a higher durability on the armour piece at the cost of slowness. Maximum level: I Pyromaniac Armour Enchant Fire ticks have a chance to heal you instead of doing damage. Maximum level: V Flame Cloak Armour Enchant Has a chance to ignite people that attack you. Maximum level: III Spiked Armour Enchant Gives a thorns like effect but don't lose durability on items. Maximum level: II Eyepatch Armour Immune to blindness Maximum level: I Shadowstep Armour Enchant You have a chance to get teleported behind the player who damaged you. Maximum level: III Animal Tamer Armour Enchant By left clicking a wolf, they will be tamed. Maximum level: I Wolves Armour Enchant When low health, you have chance to spawn friendly wolves to fight along side of you. Maximum level: V Superman Punch Armour Enchant While getting damage, you have chance to give a high knockback to your enemy. Maximum Level: III Horse Rider Armour Enchant Tames a horse and places a saddle when hit. Maximum Level: I Paralyze Armour Enchant You have a chance to give your opponent Mining Fatigue effect for few seconds. Maximum Level: II Pickaxe Enchantments: Soft Touch Pickaxe Enchant You have ability to get the mob spawner on breaking it with this pickaxe. Maximum Level: I Veinminer Pickaxe Enchant Mines the nearby blocks of the same type of the block you break. Maximum Level: III Lucky Mining Pickaxe Enchant Chance to get 250$ or 500$ while mining. Maximum Level: V Smelt Pickaxe Enchant Auto Smelts the blocks you break. Maximum Level: I Auto Block Pickaxe Enchant Auto makes the block of items such as diamond, lapis etc. Maximum Level: I Haste Pickaxe Enchant Gives a Haste potion effect while holding the pickaxe Maximum Level: III Explosive Pickaxe Enchant Makes an Explosion when breaking a block with pickaxe Maximum Level: V Shooter: Works with Veinminer Pickaxe Enchant Right click to shoot a Snowball that breaks block it hits 7's Cooldown Maximum Level: I Tool Enchants: Applies to all Armour and tools Endless Any Item Enchant Item with this enchantment will never be broken! Maximum Level: I Shearer Shear Enchant Left Click in air to shear all nearby sheep. Maximum Level: I Plow: Currently not working Hoe Enchant Till's a bigger area Maximum Level: V
  8. Hey there guys, time for another little post about Classes and Skills. There are a wide variety of classes to choose from and abilities to use. From becoming invisible and speedy to gaining the strength of 3 men. I will make a detailed list on what,how, and why which classes are necessarily useful in certain situations. I am going to skip out on Mage and Firemage classes because currently they do not work. Class and skill Commands: - Type /skill Change and the list of Classes will appear - Type /skill info to check how many souls and what your level is - Type /skill stats to upgrade your Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity, & Defense. (Helpful Based on Class type) - Type /skill improve to look at the list of abilities the class you picked has. Each Skill has 3 levels, progressively getting stronger or better. - Type /skill see to look at other peoples class type Arbalist: For all you Archers out there that want to be Legolas. (STR, DEX, DEF) -Pro's: Skilled in Long Range attacks, deals more damage over distance shot, don't need a bow. -Con's: Not Great at close distance fighting. -Skills: ~Passive: The longer the distance between you and your target, the higher the damage. ~Execute: After two shots on the same target, third shot deals additional damage to the target. ~Dual Arrow: Your bow shoots a secondary arrow that deals, 50%,100%,100% + 7& extra damage to the target, per level it is at. ~Fire Crossbow: Fire an arrow by punching, uses energy deals as much damage as a fully charged bow.(Does't use arrows) -Uses for Arbalist: When fighting mobs shoot with your bow and also punch getting out a max of 3 arrows per second. Good idea for long distance fighting, not too much melee range, but then again you can still pull out a sword. Need arrows? Punch arrows into the sky they land on you, and now you get free arrows. Swordsman: Your average RPG swordsman (STR, DEX) -Pro's: Extreme Strength boost, always have Strength 3, can dodge attacks, one shot enderman with a punch, reflect damage, and inflict an incredibly deathly ultimate attack. -Con's: Not good at dealing with Arbalists, and has a relatively low defense compared to other classes. Power>Defense. -Skills: ~Passive: Your Attack Damage is increased by the amount of strength you have ~Dodge: You have a chance of dodging your enemies attack ~Parry: If you and your enemy are holding swords, & you have a higher level of STR, you will reflect 25% of the damage back to them. ~Pierce: If your STR is higher than the opponents DEF, your attack will deal a % damage bonus. ~Thousand Cuts: Deals 12 damage per attack, plus 2 seconds of disorientation. Can be used every 20 seconds. -Uses for Swordsman: Leveling up your Axes,Swords, or Unarmed all get a boost of damage. Great for uses in mob farms such as and Enderman farm where most mobs die from one punch. Works great with the cleave effect as of MCU 1.10. Strongest Class, but be wary of other classes skills. Devourer: Got to go fast, Sonic (STR,DEX) -Pro's: Great mobility and powerful attacks, best all around class. Useful for sneaky attacks or poisoning. -Con's: All Attacks will poison on hit so be careful. Not as much damage on each hit as a swordsman. -Skills: ~Passive: Basic attacks poison targets for 5 damage each second for 5 seconds. ~Evolve Gliders: Always have Speed 3 ~Evolve Cloak: Invisibility until you attack a mob, Mob Neutrality, & more damage coming out of invisibility. ~Consume: BEST DAMAGE EVER. 12-70 damage when right clicking when attacking stealing life and dealing massive amounts of damage increasing with missing health. -Uses for Devourer: You are the best class in my opinion. Your ultimate ability deals massive amounts of damage & heals you for the damage taken. Invisibility helps when building as well and the speed that will help you move around faster. Juggernaut: Can't take damage. Highest DEF. (DEF, STR) -Pro's: You can jump off any height and live. No damage every 7 seconds. Damage reduction and the ability to throw mobs & people. Gain Extra Proj, Fire, and Fall Protection -Con's: No Damage, just your average tank. -Skills: ~Passive: If your DEF is higher than your opponents STR you gain massive damage reduction. ~Heavy Strikes: Use an Axe to deal more damage. ~Stone Skin: Fall, Projectile, & Fire Protection upped by 50%. ~Aegis Protection: Every 7-10 seconds gain a shield that will negate any damage. ~Throw: Right click enemy, gain damage reduction and then look in the direction you want to fling them in. Deals 10-12 damage upon falling. -Uses For Juggernaut: The best tank class, if your planning on fighting something with a lot of health and you need some reductions this class is very useful. Great way to level Acrobatics by jumping off cliffs, and who doesn't find it fun to launch people into the air. Vampire: Vladmir Putin you in place (STR, INT) -Pro's: You can become invincible for 8 seconds and blind people, steal health and your health regeneration is better than Garen's. You get a second bar of health. -Con's: You are a vampire and you might get AIDS. be careful. Not too much damage or health. -Skills: ~Passive: Attacking gives you blood for your bloodwell, more blood more damage per every 2 stacks. ~Bloodlust: More than 70% Full Bloodwell? Added bonus of Triple health regeration, damage and chance to heal by 2 hearts. ~Bloodwell: Has 30% chance to stop loss of blood from bloodwell every 4 seconds, gives you second Health Bar. ~Bleed: Opponents bleed for 12 seconds dealing 1 damage per second, while giving you a chance to gain blood based on your Bloodwell levels. ~Eternal Darkness: Sneak and become invincible for 8 seconds and blind your enemies for 1 second. -Uses for Vampire: Don't want to die? or want more health? Become a vampire. Fighting wither but don't want to die? Activate Eternal Darkness and kill it in the time period. Eidolon: I don't fully understand this class (STR, DEF, INT) -Pro's: Gain health back when changing, deal damage based off Opponents amount of Health. -Con's: Don't really know enough yet. -Skills: ~Passive: Every 100 Imbalance change to Dark or Light gaining back 10 health. ~Purify: Deal Damage based off enemies amount of Health. ~Spirit Fire: Light Form, absorb damage. Dark Form, release damage for 1-3 ratio ~Spectre: Light Form, gain shield that when broken gives Speed 4. Dark Form charges an attack. ~Defile: Increase damage reduction and damage to enemy. -Uses for Eidolon: Seems cool, but I'm not smart enough to figure what to use it for. Hope this guide was useful. Please tell me if i should keep making more about the different plugins KaosCraft has. Apparently I'm not allowed to exceed 1000 characters.