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KaosCraft Update - Website Update
BrandsPickled Owner
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8 months ago

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is well! I am so happy recently with KaosCraft in general and with everyone who is a part of the community! Want to say a big thank you!


So it's been a while since I did an update log of what has been fixed, added or removed so here it is :);

  • Updated to 1.19.4
  • You can play any version of Minecraft on any device.
  • Fixed the duping bug with /alchem
  • Updated Website
  • Updated Donation Store
  • Added Quartz to Nether/Mob Drops Section
  • Updated Prices on Items that are missing in /warp shop
  • You can now do /shop instead of /warp shop
  • /rtp now automagically takes you to the normal world (This is so you can do it in spawn)
  • Fixed /sell [all | hand] to VIP+
  • Added more stuff on the donation stores
  • Change Top Voter Rewards to Store Credit now

Many more changes and updates coming soon! I hope you enjoy the new website! :D