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  1. Jobs are the primary way to make money. There are several options to choose from so everyone can find something they enjoy! Jobs paychecks are received every two minutes and will display the amount earned on screen. This paycheck is cumulative of all jobs done during those two minutes. Following is the list of jobs available to join as well as commands to get you started! Commands /jobs – brings up the menu containing all available jobs /jobs join (jobname) – joins a job (new players and non-donors can join 2 at the start) /jobs leave (jobname) – leaves a job (removes 33% of job level) /jobs leaveall – leaves all current jobs /jobs stats – shows all current joined jobs, job levels, and exp required to level up /jobs info (jobname) – provides information on all ways to make money with that job (exact numbers for money and exp are provided. Jobs income increases by +3% per level.) Jobs List Alchemist If you like brewing potions and enchanting tools and armor, join the Alchemist job! Get paid to brew all kinds of potions and enchant tools and armor. Like furnaces, brewing stands are limited to 20 registered per player (register your brewing stand by right-clicking after placing). Blacksmith For those of you who love to mine or fish, Blacksmith would be a great option to pair with these jobs! You can smelt iron and gold ore and repair damaged armor and tools to earn money. Like Cook, furnaces must be registered (by right-clicking after placement) and each player can have 20 registered furnaces total. For those who like to build auto smelters, you can only have 20 hoppers per chunk. Builder Love to build? We have you covered! The Builder job allows you to get paid for placing blocks, which works great for those of you who would much rather build amazing creations instead of grind other jobs. Cook A great way to earn money on the server is crafting and smelting food items! Choosing the Cook job allows to you use up to 20 furnaces (which must be registered by right-clicking after placement) to smelt food items and earn money. For those of you who like to build large auto smelters, each player is allowed 20 hoppers per chunk. You can also collect ingredients to craft food items such as pumpkin pie and cake! Digger A very good beginner job is Digger! Simply earn money by digging dirt, sand, and gravel. You can also earn money by smelting the sand and clay that you dig! Farmer A great beginner job for many is Farmer. Make money by planting and harvesting crops. Building large farms can become very lucrative while providing an infinite supply of food for both your friends and other players! You can also earn money by breeding your livestock! Fisherman Another great beginner job is Fisherman. Simply make yourself a fishing rod and start earning money! For those of you who are more daring and love to explore sea temples, you also get paid for killing various sea mobs and breaking underwater blocks. Hunter Want to show your skills hunting various passive and hostile mobs? You can earn money doing it! Joining the Hunter job will allow you to kill mobs to earn money. Natural spawning mobs will pay more per kill, but are harder to come by. Spawner mobs are an easier option for all players, but spawner mobs generate 95% less income. Miner If you love digging for diamonds and cave spelunking, the Miner job is for you! Earn money by breaking various stones, ores, and minerals while exploring the depths of the server. Voyager If you love daring to explore the nether, this job is for you! Get paid not only to break nether blocks but to also kill nether and end mobs! As with Hunter, spawner mobs will generate 95% less income. Woodcutter A simple job option is Woodcutter. Simply chop down trees and replant saplings to earn money!
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